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Grounding day by day

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Sometimes when you ground yourself, you can change the energy in a room. You can ground your house, your car, your office. Before I leave for work, I ground the room where my dog stays. One of my favorite stories is the experience of a friend during a family holiday dinner. The noise and confusion at the dinner table was driving him insane, so he made a grounding gesture under the table to calm the energy – and it worked.

Grounding brings you back to the now.

Carrying or wearing a first-chakra stone (see list at the Crystalmaster: link ) can help during the day. Hematite, bloodstone, obsidian, smoky quartz, jet, and garnet are common. I ground my house with a stone welcome mat, my fireplace with a bowl of riverstones.

Grounding cord

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

For us air types, grounding can be the most difficult part of a meditation practice. We like the out-of-body experience, living in the constantly-changing atmosphere of our minds. However, it’s hard to manifest your desires in the world when you’re not in it.

As I was advised recently, people who live in their mind can have a problem making life-altering choices, because we see far too many options and are too aware that taking one path eliminates all others. So we float instead.

Grounding methods include experiences that put you into your body or into nature. Dance, yoga, exercise, gardening, walking, bathing, petting the dog, hugging…..whatever works for you.

During energy work, or before meditation, or traveling, I’ve been taught to create a grounding cord. At first it was very difficult, I couldn’t visualize. Create a cord from the base of your spine (your 1st chakra) into the earth and attach it, let your energy flow into the center of the world…

Hmm. In the groups that I attended, the grounding cords took all kinds of forms. Cord, light wave, chain, root, waterfall, vine, yarn. All colors, all wavelengths. Even living things, like butterflies. My teachers recommend that the cord NOT be white or black. Color is important, reflective of the energy. The first chakra is red, many of my early cords were that color, but lately they’ve become clear blue waterfalls.

Not easy. But once you can ground at will, other energy options open up. More on that later.