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Learning to read the Akashic records

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Mars retrograde. We’ve been stuck since the end of December, some of us more than others. The planet of action finally began to move after March 10, and depending where it is traveling in your chart, well - something’s coming. Change. Action.

For me, it’s beginning in the areas of health/risks/new enterprises/identity/habits and moving into the area of inner talents/earning power. I began to play with the idea of working in the holistic field. At the same time, the chance to learn to read the akashic records arose unexpectedly and it seemed like the right time/right modality.

So tonight begins my 30 day transition period.

My first attempt was a meditative rush, but I didn’t access anything. Then again, I never really formulated a question, just hung out. More to come.