A year ago, we noticed Jazz drinking excessively. His blood work revealed minor kidney problems, an ultrasound showed nothing. He began a renal diet dog food which was very hard on his digestion. After 3 months, his bloodwork returned to normal and we were told we could stop the diet. It took another 4 months for his digestion to return to normal.

A few months later, we noticed that the duration of his urination was approaching a minute - back to the vet. His numbers were elevated again, they recommended other renal diet dog food and subcutaneous fluids every week. However, he wouldn’t eat the food, and the time spent waiting at the vet to get the fluids was exhausting for him and us.

The vet suggested a home cooked diet - white rice, hamburger, egg, and white bread (it’s widely available on the internet). Jazz reacted better to this food, but it didn’t seem healthy to me.

Finally, I called a holistic vet/acupuncturist recommended by the animal hospital. We’ve had one conversation after she looked at Jazz’s records, during which she recommended a more balanced diet for him, with more whole grains and vegetables. We are testing what he will eat until his first appointment in a few weeks. She comes to the house, I am waiting eagerly to see how he’ll react to acupuncture.

Brown rice is a go, so is multigrain pasta. Spinach and carrots, surprisingly yes. No to yams.