Part of finding a new job is disengaging from the current one…..

“The other wrinkle in the playing out is tremendous flux and turmoil in some organizations as the group consciousness grapples with what the entity wants to be. In a number of instances I have been observing key members try and try to steer a floundering organization into a direction they consider reasonable and right. After pushing against the tide – or engaging in the drama – they are hitting a limit, simply unhooking their attachment to the organization and letting the flux work itself out. This can take the form of walking out, taking a leave of absence or continuing to participate on a reduced, personally satisfying scale. If you’re embroiled in organizational politics, consider these approaches as options for liberating the energy you are tying up. Is the group in alignment with who you are now? What action is in alignment with you?” - Kathy Biehl, Fortuna Works