Jazz has his first treatment. I hold him still from the front, while the vet approaches him from the back, putting the needles along his spine (about a dozen). Jazz doesn’t seem to notice until she tries to put a few in his legs. The vet notices that his temperature runs very warm. He’s always been like that, I tell her, but apparently it’s unusual for this type of dog. We hold him still for a few moments, he doesn’t exactly relax but he stops trying to escape. After she takes the needles out, he stalks away and flops down on the floor, his back to us. Then he gets sleepy, he comes back to us and tries to curl up on a pile of blankets on the floor, he passes out in a completely awkward position. Ten minutes later, he is up and hungry, stalking through the house, chewing on a cardboard box until I get him his dinner.

We are also using Chinese herbs (Rehmannia Eight) twice a day, and a more varied home cooked diet. In a few months, we’ll test his numbers.

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