The counselor said I would know the moment that I had enough. I thought it was last August, during a three-hour meeting during which the owners harangued us: “Why are you forcing us to abuse you?” Although I wanted to stalk out, I didn’t want to abandon my post - or rather, abandon my coworkers. And while things didn’t exactly improve, they settled into a less dramatic mode for awhile, it was even engaging at times. There seemed to be more room for ideas and some independence.

The definition of insanity is…. you know the rest. One email did it. All progress is over, back to where we were months ago. Instead of angry and frustrated, I felt resigned. This is not going to change, you cannot change it. And now it’s over.

There were three things in my life that needed to take place before I could consider changing jobs. One of them had dragged on for 7 months, another for 6 weeks, they both resolved on the same day, clearing the way. There is one more project to check off my list (again, something hanging from last fall).