Another misconception about meditation is the need to “transcend” your body or the physical plane. Meditation, for some of us, is about the now. And now, well, we’re here. We’re breathing. We’re tactile. In some meditation practices, the purpose is to get back inside your body, focusing on your breath, centering yourself in your head (imagine looking out your eyes as though they were windows), and grounding yourself.

You can use tangible objects to enhance your concentration: if crystals appeal to you, they’re an excellent place to start. There are dozens to choose from. For some people, the serendipity option is appealing. Stand in front of a display of crystals and buy what catches your eye (or feels good in your hand). That will be the one that you need. However, some of us like to do a little more research and know what we’re getting (after all, once we decide on an azurite, there’s the gamble of which azurite stone will become ours).

A resource we’ve used, both online and at Mind Body Spirit shows is Rosley’s Rocks & Gems. Their website has a very informative list of available crystals and their uses. For those of us who like to select the stone, and the specific reason for that particular meditation, this site is invaluable

To me the converging objects of the universe perpetually flow,
All are written to me, and I must get what the writing means.