Jazz at Tyler State Park after his morning workout.

I took a class once on the psychobiology of music, based on work the professor had done (so he claimed) with NASA for long term space travel. I have a healthy skepticism about him and his self aggrandizing, but I believe in the ability of music to change our personal energy. My own playlists are finely tuned - sleep, meditation, concentration, signature music, and morning/exercise (same energy - confident and upbeat).

So of course I’m interested in the effect of music on dogs. When I’m out during the day, I leave the escape/love/heart channel on for Jazz. He doesn’t seem to care one way or another, but I’m happier picturing its calming effect.

A few months after Jazz came to live with me, I stumbled on “Songs to Make Dogs Happy.” Of course I bought it out of professional curiosity. The instructions say to listen to it the first time with your dog, but Jazz was dead asleep in the den, so I put the CD in the player in the dining room and went into the kitchen to do dishes. Next thing I know, he’s sitting in the dining room, looking up at the CD player, head cocked. He’s never done that before, or since.

Like anything, the effect wears off. I mostly use the CD when we travel long distances. When I put Jazz in the car, I play this to start us on our way. On the road again….

But the CD makes me happy. His energy mirrors mine. I particularly like You’re a Good Dog, I’ll Be Back, Outside, My Bed, and Adventure Dog.

Songs to Make Dogs Happy