One colleague called it the point of no return, the energy from last week and these next few days (and in a larger sense until November 1). I personally got three very unwelcome get-moving smacks from the universe, the last and worst today. While I know it will all work out and move me into the next phase (the hard way, sadly), wish I’d just done it on my own.

A simple example is the least-complicated of the three events – I’d been saying for months that I needed to complete a horrifically overdue project before I could look for a new job. And of course yesterday the project blew up and moved into emergency status (tarnishing my worker bee halo somewhat). Uncomfortable, yes, but it will be done in a few months and I’ll be free on my own terms. I’m the one who created the barrier, I’ve created the crisis to clear it.

So, in honor of whatever crossroads we’re facing, I’m linking to Modest Mouse’s Float On video [you tube link].