Planning for this year’s Mind Body Spirit expo [link], a lot of discussion about the major attraction – Van Praagh [link]. I’ll be blogging the expo but will probably not attend the Van Praagh event, only because I already attended his joint session with Brian Weiss [link] sponsored by Omega [link].

That session, in NYC, was a great deal of fun. Colleagues of mine (including my cancer surgeon) have attended the Van Praagh/Weiss cruises (out of my price range, I’m afraid). Van Praagh and Weiss don’t take themselves too seriously, there’s a matter-of-factness from them that I’ve experienced in the better healers/mediums that I’ve encountered. No big deal. Nothing mysterious. Just energy and concentration. You could do it yourself if you wanted to (but you don’t have to). Weiss is dry, professorial, Van Praagh is easy-going and does a wicked (but fond) Weiss impersonation.

I’ll blog about the Weiss session later. Van Praagh, besides picking up messages for various audience members, led us through a psychic exercise. Pairing up with a stranger, we give them a personal object and see what they can read from it. The woman seated behind me gave me a nondescript ring (not wedding or engagement), and I felt something like a sisterhood, a sorority, and educational. Turns out she was a Catholic nun who taught in a women’s college.

I handed her my opal earring – one of my last anniversary gifts from my late husband. She got a male presence with an urgent message for me – We’re still connected.

So I’m not attending Van Praagh this year – others deserve their chance. I got the message.

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