This blog is evolving into music appreciation rather than meditation….although it’s still all energy and altered brain waves.

I was a dancer and a tennis player – my natural rhythms don’t work with a treadmill. I lunge, sprint, bounce (the coach nicknamed me the human backboard, I was quick and I’d go for anything). But a ruined knee (Route 1 commute with a clutch) precludes that now. So (sigh) treadmill.

And I thought I’d share a hard-earned tip. Probably not original to me but I haven’t read it anywhere. I noticed that if I used the manual/quick start mode, and adjusted the speed/incline to each song, I worked out twice as long, and burned 30% more calories per minute. Using the pre-set workouts often resulted in times when the rhythm of the workout didn’t match the beat of the music, or my energy level, and I’m thinking now how much that worked against me.

Current favorite - Kate Bush’s Big Sky Meteorological Mix. I can’t link to an MP3, but I found a static youtube video [link].

That cloud is nothing but trouble.