The first part of this post was intended as a meditation on the tides of human connection. How the energy is never equal on both sides. How people flow in and out of your life for a reason, and sometimes you’re not ready for either. Sometimes you’re standing on a porch, looking into a house that’s empty of furniture, and you have to ask the neighbor when? Sometimes you’re staying at a job that no longer serves your purpose because you’re connected to the people there.

During energy work (at least the practice I was treated by), the healer cleans your aura and your chakras. It’s an amazing feeling, my favorite therapy by far. For one thing, you don’t have to do any work, there’s no crying, no delving into your stories. You don’t even close your eyes. You sit in a chair while the practitioner works around you – and tells you what he finds (I’m using “he” because it was in this case). He finds people and situations cluttering your energy, sometimes he can identify them….and he sweeps them away, then fills the space with your energy. Works for me.

I’m intrigued by the way that people attach themselves to your chakras. Long threads of energy, curling around yours. The way it was explained to me, people attach to each other in an effort to control. An authority figure like a professor or a pastor might attach to your crown chakra to control your beliefs. A child will attach to your root chakra for survival (and should not be detached). People attach to your throat chakra to control what you say, or your second or third chakra to control what you do. For the most part, they don’t know how they’re doing it.

For over a year I went once a month, and he kept clearing the same people from me. At first I felt indignation (they’re doing what? why?), then I was amused (get them off me!). There were two in particular – one unwelcome and one rather welcome – that reappeared over and over. Neither of them knew about my treatment (or believe in any of this), but they would both inevitably phone me after I had a session, like they knew they’d been unplugged.

And yes, the welcomed one had to be cleared too. You have to stay with your own energy. You can make mutual connections, but at the end of the evening you have to detach.

After awhile, I became frustrated. What was I doing wrong that I kept letting them latch on? But apparently it can happen easily – it’s like gardening. You just have to keep weeding.

And of course, I’m probably doing it to others without realizing.

I’m no longer being treated, I’ve learned how to do this myself. During your meditation practice, visualize each of your chakras. Look/feel for these threads coming at you (or from you). Some people I know can identify the person on the other end, some can’t. It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to know who it is or where it goes. Just clear it.

How you clear it depends on your visualization preferences….Watch it crumble into dust. Vacuum it away. Cut it with scissors. Wash it away (my personal favorite). But get it all the way out of your aura – finish the visualization. For example, if you’re using a vacuum, make sure you mentally move it far away when you’re done.

Finish by filling your aura with your own light/energy, however you imagine it.