Not really into genealogy. Never even knew my grandparents, nor did I care. And I resisted digging up past lives, too. I had enough to deal with.

But one came up during an akashic reading - a life that led to a sacred contract that is still alive in this time. And fortunately, we are fulfilling this contract easily and happily. So far.

Not all sacred contracts end well. Over lifetimes they can become dysfunctional, drift from their original intent, and you have to re-frame them. I’ve read about it before, I’m reading more to glean some information that I can pass on to you.

But today, since I’m in connection mode, I thought I’d share one I found out about recently. I’ve learned the hard way to investigate past lives with specific intent - there are too many to choose from. You need to ask a question to be answered.

I was becoming concerned about a couple of my relationships. As an Aquarian, I tend to form odd, unexplainable relationships (for awhile it was with people who were 10-15 years older, lately they’re 15 years younger - I’m at an awkward age). There were a couple relationships that I knew were karmic, and that I was concerned required something from me that I wasn’t fulfilling. This summer I was in definite clear-my-karma mode.

Let me explain that you don’t have to know what’s going on to balance the karma - I was in an impatient, fast-forward mood.

So I asked the question, “Why do I feel so responsible toward this person? Tell me about a past life that would explain this.”

It didn’t make sense. This person is far more equipped than I am to manage in this physical world, slightly older, but I feel like I have to rush in to rescue.

So somewhere in our past - I was the older sister, age 12, and he was 4 years old. We were in a refugee camp, we’d lost our parents in the confusion. I was looking out for him, fighting for our survival, and - we became separated somehow. I lost him, and never found him. That’s all.

The guides were quick to explain that it was not my fault, there was no karmic debt, but there was just a residual feeling on my part, a desperation to make things right that he, in this lifetime, was subconsciously exploiting. But that’s his issue, they explained, not yours. You owe him nothing.

Ok, I get it.

My father, contacting me from the other side, says he is most intrigued by what he is learning about the connections between people. He used to be a basic Protestant, I would love to know what he knows now. Actually, I can, if I choose to. So can you.