People have been lying to me lately at work. The difference is that now I know it.

A lot of us go to Anne. She’s much more dramatic in her writing than she is in her readings, where she tends to be more direct. I like her readings because she doesn’t coddle - You chose this, now it’s time to rise to the occasion.

But sometimes in her writings, she has a moment of clarity, a focus. And for last week:

See the reason why the lies were offered - to help you get where you are now. Now that you see their purpose, you can proceed with the rest of your life, understanding that the lies got you to where you are. Sometimes when people lie, they do so to hide things because they are ashamed or afraid. And other times, they lie to deceive. In this case, the lie was to help you see something that you needed to see. So thank them for their lie or untruth and use it to fuel your path forward. If you look, there is an open door that you are supposed to go through. It’s not where you thought you would go, it’s not how you thought it would happen, but there is a door open.

Just look around, there’s an open door somewhere. Go through that open door. The dream is still there, it’s just not with this person. The dream is still good, it’s just not in the form you thought it was going to be in. Doesn’t make it a bad dream. It just is different than you thought it would be. Follow the dream! See it clearly and go through the open door, in a different direction than you thought you were going to go.