Apologies for the absence - 2 weeks of visiting relatives, and then the first vacation in years.

First a report on Jazz. His kidney numbers were slightly improved. However, liver enzymes were elevated. The vet who did the exam (not his vet/acupuncturist) thought the enzymes might be the result of the home cooked diet (she’s not a fan).

Jazz had another treatment, which he settled into better than other times, and the acupuncturist has changed his herbs to address the liver problem - he’s now on Glenhia and Rehmannia (Yi Guan Jian). We’ll see how he’s doing in a month.

One of the visiting relatives is the owner of a very successful health food store, she was quite impressed by Jazz’s diet and bemused to see a dog enjoying broccoli and spinach.

A couple people have commented on the expense of treating Jazz through acupuncture, but I’m balancing quarterly acupuncture against the aggressive weekly treatment the vets recommending 1.5 years ago.