He’s been hacking his little lungs out. He’s always done that, it’s endemic to the breed. But the last few weeks have been worse. We’re not sleeping. He has panic attacks every time he wakes.

I took him to the vet, who worried about the sound of his heart and lungs. But after a full cardiac workup, it was determined that his heart is fine, and his lungs are….well, the lungs of a 98-year-old guy. They started him on cough medicine, a bronchodilator, and antibiotics.

The bronchodilator has a caffeine-like effect. Jazz paced for 5 hours, I couldn’t even get him to sit down, he became frantic. We halved the dose after that night.

The drugs worked immediately, his coughing limited just to when he first gets up. He still shakes frantically though.

His holistic vet/acupuncturist visited last night. For the first time, he relaxed and enjoyed the acupuncture. She worked on his heart/lung energy. We’ve stopped the herbs, and the drugs, to re-think everything. If he starts to cough again, I can give him the bronchodilator.

The antibiotics undermined his appetite, and without food, he was throwing up.

My therapist put together a treatment bottle of Bach flower remedies for him: rescue, rock rose, aspen, mimulus, and schleranthus.

So he’s in detox. And we’ll see.