Jazz has canine “panic attacks.” It took us awhile to figure out the triggers, because even though he’s blind, he’s generally a laid back little guy. He doesn’t like to be woken up abruptly and walked. He doesn’t like to be tethered outside. He doesn’t like to be left alone in the car at the beginning of a drive.

For awhile, he was having attacks every time we came home in the evening. My therapist, who uses Bach Flower treatments, suggested that I was coming home with too much conflicting energy - relief to be home, excitement to see Jazz, rushing to feed and walk him. She asked me to take a moment before I came into the house to relax, breathe, and center myself.

We also use Rescue Remedy (now available in a pet formula), which I picked up in the pet store. When he has an attack, I spray it on the back of his neck and he calms down within a few minutes. I use a few drops in his water as a preventative before we travel or go to the vet.

Once I used it before friends came to the house to help us move furniture. Jazz was so relaxed, sprawled on the kitchen floor, that someone said it was like he was “stoned.”

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