Meditation Energy is a website developed to provide resources, inspiration, and motivation for personal meditation. Whether you are beginning a practice, or maintaining or evolving one, you will find news, links, essays, and products to help.

Meditation Energy is not associated with any particular religious or spiritual practice. Its focus is helping you develop an individual way most suited to your needs. You will find all types of pathways and viewpoints represented here, with an open invitation to trust yourself and experiment.

About the author: Sea glass is something/someone who started out as one thing, and after a rough tumble in the ocean, emerged as something else. Sudden death and illness changed her path to an adventure in alternative health. She is practical, flexible, and believes in completely individual paths to physical and spiritual health. She hopes simply to provide information from her experience and research.

During an akashic reading, she was told bluntly: “You are here to remind others how to heal themselves.”